If you didn't get into this game by now forget it, newbs need not apply. Not a pvp game, it is a gathering game with pvp

User Rating: 5 | Darkfall Unholy Wars PC
Like I said, if you missed launch you might as well save your money. The game could be great if it gave newbies a chance but there are some very basic flaws that with a little thought the devs could have fixed. This game is one that is all about seeing how much crap you can farm/gather without getting ganked before you get it in your bank.

First of all if you don't know by now this is a pvp game in which if you die you can be looted clean. The longer you play this game the more powerful you are, as it is with all MMO's, but 99% of the other MMOs are not this unforgiving.

So you would think being this hardcore and having safezones to prepare yourself for pvp in would mean it is newb friendly right? Wrong.

Oh you won't get killed in the safezone, you just won't ever leave the safezone without the risk of being cut to pieces by someone 50 times more powerful than you. Why would you leave when so weak you ask? Because there isn't **** to do in the safezone for leveling up to where you need to be to compete.

Oh yes, there are monster spawns.....with loads of people farming them. Not only newbies either, people one shotting everything and farming them for mats. People who are powerful enough to be out in the real world doing this stuff but are too chicken**** to go out there, so they play on easymode and screw the new players trying to get some strength for the real fighting.

Crafting is a HUGE part of this game, you almost have to do it. The main resource you need for crafting most characters? Ore. The least found resource in the safezones? Ore. Imagine that. The crafting nodes are trees, stones, metal mining nodes (ore), and shrubs. Once they are raped by someone they stay empty for hours. It is not uncommon to try every node in an area only to find it empty. It is VERY common to go hours without finding one place to mine ore. All empty all the time.....everywhere in the safezones. Why? Because the idiot devs allow high level characters to farm nodes in the safezones as well, once again....screwing the newbs.

This game could be awesome if they actually gave new players a chance. Getting into this game is ridiculously time consuming. Either you spend tons of boring time trying to fight the crowds for spawns and nodes in the safezones, or you risk the pvp areas where all it will take is you being seen and you lose everything.

Flawed system devs, shame on you. No MMO can survive without attracting new players. You may have gotten my $40 for the game, but you will not see one more dime in sub fees from me.