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User Rating: 8 | Darkest of Days PC
I've played the game, and I've got to say, it's better than I was expecting. I was expecting a totaly boring game where you just shoot with one gun for five levels then you get a new gun. In this game, it wasn't like that. Now, I'm not going to trick you and say "this is a perfect game" because it isn't, but it isn't a rip-off. The story is not that bad, I've seen worse, and the civil war part was done well. This game is a combination of a lot of games and movies to create one game. I'm saying it's somewhat like Call of Duty 5, some world war 1 movie, a futuristic shooter and practically the "dream".

This is the dream we all had when we were sitting in class learning about the times where the musket was the dominant weapon, and if we were the best soldier in the army armed with a machine gun. In this game, WE CAN DO THAT! We can go back in those times where the sword was the dominant weapon and shoot the living heck out of all people who challenge us. It is a wonderfully made game, and the lack of AI on the bots suits this game well. The game is DEFINATELY worth a rent. If you think your internet will be disconnected or something, it's worth a buy so you can play on your PC/console if you cannot access the internet.