Not as bad as it could have been, but still not good in the slightest

User Rating: 6.2 | Darkened Skye GC
Darkened skye for the game cube was a total let down. The controls were terrible, the A.I. had an I.Q. of about ten, and Draak's jokes just didn't get the job done with me. I really wish that this games graphics would have been presented better as well, simply because you could see odd pixels jumping out of place. The control scheme frusterated me so badly, that I honestly quit playing it after about ten hours. The point that drives that nail home even harder was that Darkened Skye was my ONLY game. I honestly quit playing my gamecube for about two weeks until I got another game. That's honestly how poor the control scheme was. Other than that, the game wasn't bad. I suppose I could be generous, and call most of Draak's jokes laughable, but seeing as this is the strong point of the whole game, you can't really expect much can you?