Trading Dark Summoner Cards for Fantasica 5* and 6* cards

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I'm trading cards like wwoh+ valk+ and more for 5* and 6* in fantasica pm me if interested or contact me in dark summoner my name GodEater and my friend code in fantasica is 43571119
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Do you have any AA on DS? I have a lot of 5* and 6*, but don't need anything besides EP and AA. You can reach me at ID: 63370996 Here are my 5*: Diane LVL 94 Marguerite LVL 48 Hydra LVL 39 Cerberus LVL 4 Heldegard LVL 81 Norma LVL 39 Sofia LVL 4 Lucrezia LVL 1 Serafina LVL 62 Elena LVL 9 Winston LVL 2 I will be more than happy to trade any 5 on this list for a 6* card since I am trying to complete a 6* formation. These are the 6* I have so please do not offer these: Vlad, Paris, Nina, and Tina.