A great game, but a technical disaster.

User Rating: 7 | Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition PC
Talking about Dark Souls for the PC is probably going to be a very hard thing to do, mostly because you'll likely have two sides ready to strangle your throat if you side with one of them. These two sides being the half that believe that Dark Souls on PC is an unacceptable technical mess of a port while the other side believes that the fun from the game is all that really matters.

And of course bashing one of my favourite games of all time is going to be pretty rough, since Dark Souls is that one game that's had a impact in my gaming life in many years.

Now, Dark Souls on PC is a great game, of course it is, it's a port of one of the best console RPGs in years. But the question remains "Is it okay to tolerate this kind of behaviour from a developer?" it's a tough question to answer really. Mostly due to how we were given warning that From Software have zero experience developing games on the PC, there was Ninja Blade, yes, but that game was also a terrible port AND it was also outsourced. We knew that this port wasn't going be up to standards, but I think we can mostly agree that we didn't think it would be this bad.

Now, the problems with Dark Souls on PC is quite bad, the 30fps lock, Games for Windows Live, 720p locked resolution, problem with performance on ATI cards, horrible mouse and keyboard controls.

There is a mod to fix the locked resolution, it is a very simple fix and takes a matter of 10 seconds to get working but sadly it can be quite heavy on your computer if you don't have a strong PC.

All I can say about Dark Souls on PC is that if you were planning on getting this to play the game on mouse and keyboard just forget it, don't buy it, the mouse and keyboard controls are beyond saving, you can rebind the keys but the game just doesn't work at all with them. You absolutely NEED a controller in order to play this game on the PC. There is NO WAY to unlock the 30FPS cap, there was an attempt on this but because the game was designed to run at 30FPS this caused the game to break and it just wouldn't work.

I honestly didn't have much problems with Games for Windows Live apart from the odd random disconnects which happened twice, other than that the GFWL didn't seem to cause any sort of problems with me.

The new downloadable content is fun but if you have the console version of the game then you'd be much better off waiting for the DLC to arrive on the consoles.

Dark Souls on PC does run BETTER though, of couse. If your PC is strong enough then areas like Blight Town which hammered FPS on console to a slide show will run at the solid FPS, but appears to run stable and it DOES work but the fact you have to install mods in order to get into PC standards is pretty much unacceptable. But then again the game is still AMAZING.

If you don't own a PS3/Xbox and haven't played Dark Souls then I recommend you get this game IF you're willing to get the fix and a controller, it's an amazing game. Everything about Dark Souls is awesome. The combat, the world, characters, boss battles, the co-op the PvP and of course the brutal challenge. This game would have basically been every PC gamers dream if not for the horrible porting job.

If you have the consoles, I suggest you stay far away from this game and just wait for the DLC to arrive for download.

Game runs better than it did on consoles, looks better with resolution fix.
PvP match making
New content is a blast
Cheaper than console version

As awful as a port can possibly get, if not worse.
Horrid mouse and keyboard controls.
720p locked resolution is unacceptable
30fps can cause some players headaches.
Games for Windows Live, but hey! ACHIEVEMENTS!