Bad console port with dated graphics, terrible controls and annoying camera. Challenging gameplay and story but...

User Rating: 2 | Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition PC
Unfortunately my PC experience with this game is bad and i am very disappointed. The game is a very bad port from the consoles with low quality graphics, a lot of ugly jaggies and terrible controls.

You can customize the keyboard controls and even use a mouse (mouse support is just terrible), but all of the on-screen prompts assume you're using a game pad. So you're left either mashing keys until you get the right one, or having to look it up on the cheat-sheet you've probably had to print out to stand any chance of even being able to press the correct button.

The camera controls are also extremely annoying too and you may lose just because of the camera issues of the game

The game feels like playing a bad PS2 emulator title and not a modern PC game at all. The only good thing about this is the story which is very interesting for an RPG but from the technical point of view this is a very bad port

I hope the developers release some patches soon to save what can be saved from this bad port...