Incredible game!!!

User Rating: 10 | Dark Souls PS3
Haven't played a game in recent history that has delivered like Dark Souls. No DLC, no BS. Just go in and get some. They have delivered again!! Similar to Demons Souls in playing style and fighting mechanics. Monsters are everywhere and are badasses. Word of warning however, if you see shiny stuff, don't just run up to it and try and get it, you are certain to die a painful death. If you do not own a ps3, and haven't had a chance to play Demons Souls no worries. This game can only be compared to the original in terms of game play and atmosphere. Mechanics like I said are very similar to DS but they have added a few extra things into the mix as well. The world is no longer 1-1, 1-2 etc..... they have made it a seamless world in which you are free to roam wherever you choose. Be careful though, because you may just end up fighting monsters 40 lvls above you without you even knowing it, well besides death. Tons of new weapons and items to play with. Dark Souls should not be owned by anyone with 0 patience or your controller will become one with the drywall.