Prepair to Die.

User Rating: 9.5 | Dark Souls PS3
Dark Souls is an action role playing game that is the spiritual successor to Demon's Souls in name but shares the core mechanics of it. There isn't much of a story other then you are an undead in a land ruled by demons and your ultimate objective is to hunt demons and get their souls. However there is no defined route instead once you leave the starting area you're free to explore and figure out which is the best way to move forward on your journey.

Graphically speaking Dark Souls is a well rounded package. Everything is brilliantly well done and gives you that old school kind of feeling with the locations and character models. In some regards it looks similar to that Demon's Souls but on a much grander scale. The locations are diverse and are sure to wow you.

On the gameplay side of things Dark Souls plays much like Demon's Souls but with tiny bit of a twist. The twist is that you don't use Mana for spells and pyromancy instead you get a predetermined number of uses for any sort of spell, miracle or pyromancy that you buy or find. Once you use it up you have to rest at the nearest bonfire to restore the number of uses. Also there is the inclusion of bonfires for you to rest at. These bonfires serve as both a resting spot, leveling up spot and as a re-spawn point in the event you die which is guaranteed to happen.

Much like Demon's Souls Dark Souls features a high degree of difficulty that is not recommended for new comers to the RPG genera or those looking for a way into the genera. This is a game where you will die and die often which can be frustrating at times. On the flip side of things as you make progress you will feel yourself getting better. You'll course at your failures and celebrate with joy when you beat a difficult boss that had been giving you trouble.

Overall Dark Souls is an excellent game that while frustrating at times is still a fantastic game.