The more you HATE, the more you'll LOVE

User Rating: 9 | Dark Souls (Prepare to Die Edition) PS3
I love this game, though I hate playing it. Ironic,haha. I hate it because I die so often, I'm always like "paper" (meaning soft/easily torn apart/crushed in gamers' term), loose thousands of hard earned souls (dying before recovering lost souls due to prior death), and much more irritating/raging game difficulty... but these makes me LOVE IT!!! I am getting challenged, aggressive to keep on trying to achieve my goals. Once I defeat each and every F***ing boss, or even just a mini-boss, it feels so joyful. Feels having great life achievement. Though it lacks some gaming features like Pause Game. I am just a newbie in PS3 Gaming. I bought a 2nd hand copy of Dark Souls bundled with another PS3 game I am more familiar with. I just realized lately that the "PREPARE TO DIE" written on the back of its casing is an edition title. I just thought it's just an ordinary Dark Souls 1. What the F did I just bought?! It's the most difficult edition of Dark Souls released (some say), but it was fun. I even forced to cheat by watching strategies on YouTube or reading. But it is already considered cheating or better be called learning. By that, I've also learned of acquiring Drake's Sword which helped me in going far in this game (could be a cheat because a newbie will never know about shooting Helkite Drake's tail will give a powerful sword). I've been seeking challenging games for a long time, never thought I would have you, unintentionally. One last thing, don't you dare go hollow.