An absolute must for RPG fans.

User Rating: 10 | Dark Souls X360

This game is the pinnacle of last gen RPG's. From character customization, to the clever enemy design & stunning detal this game is a must play.

Dont let the "difficulty" scare you. As someone who has 1000+ hours logged, completed Ng+7 (Hardest possible difficulty) & gotten to lvl 210, I can tell you that once you forget how "hard" everyone keep saying it is, you can seriously enjoy everything that makes this a great game. The character customization & skills you can choose aren't ground breaking, but they are a good mix between familiar RPG skill trees & great new features.

The environments are stunning and beautifully crafter with amazing level design that loops back into shortcuts & checkpoints called "Bonfires".

Multiplayer is what really makes this game stick out from the bunch. If you use an item called humanity, you can become human. In human form you have several options: Invite up to 2 NPC's or friends into your world, get Invaded by up to 3 other players or Invade someone elses world.

Boss battles and enemy design is beautiful & brutal in a balanced and genious way. In one part of the world you might be fighting a magic butterfly protected by possessed bushes, while on the other you might fight 5 meter tall demons while knee high in lava. It's this kind of variety that adds massively to the replayability & variety to the game.

All in all, it's an amazing game every RPG fan should pick up (Seriously, it's 10$ now).