This is one of the most hardcore games I've ever played

User Rating: 8 | Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition PC

It's challenging, its engaging, and you WILL die. A lot.

Pros: Combat is engaging and takes skill.
LENGTH: Roughly 80 hours for one playthrough, and it has huge replay value due to the fact that it lets you play afterwards with all of your gear again.

EPIC BOSSES. Boss fights are insane.

The art style is awesome, however the graphics are dated. I installed a HD mod for the graphics and it looked really good afterwards though.

You can upgrade armor and weapons and buy spells.

Open-world free roam. The levels are a bit linear in design, but it is open-world free roam.

There is no mini-map or map.

Dying is actually worth worrying about in this game, which is a complete reversal from other games that simply try to penalize you in small insignificant ways.

The game is replayable with your same character after you beat it, each playthrough you finish gets a little harder each time to compensate for your increasing character power.

Other players can acutally invade your world, and you can do the same to them.

Character customization.

Cons: Not a very large variety of decent end-game armors or weapons.

This game is not for those that are going to give up after they die a few times. This game is no joke when it's saying that you're going to die a lot, I wouldn't recommend this game for people who play games on medium settings, because there is no medium setting.

I had to download a mod to enhance the graphics for 1920x1080 resolution.

I had to download another mod to fix a mouse issue.

I had to change a lot of the keybinds so that it was playable for me, the default control keys are kinda wack.

If you're able to get past the games key issues, like its low-res graphics (use a mod from nexus site) and its mouse issues (use a mod nexus site) then it is practically flawless. This game is a unique experience, and you've honestly missed something special if you haven't at least TRIED to play this game. It's worth it.

PS: I played and beat it with a mouse and a keyboard just fine. You really do not need a controller to play this on the PC even though it is highly suggested to do so.

Just get ready to die, you will, a lot.