Worst game I have ever played

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Had High hopes for this game because of the reviews and some of my buddys have played it but I put it in and I couldn't stand playing this game.I don't care what anyone says, when you put the game in and you can't stand to play more than 2 minutes of it.Not the best graphics ever, stupid combat,and the way you make co-op give me a break....stupid and waste of time and money.

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This type of game is not for everyone. You may genuinely hate this game, and nothing will change that. On the otherhand, your thoughts are very similar to the way I felt when I first played Demons Souls. I thought the gameplay was terrible, and the mechanics were flawed. I tried to give it a chance because I heard great things, but I hated it. I thought it was a waste of money.

One day I was pissed that I wasted 30 dollars on something I would never beat, so I decided to play through it for the sake of the money I spent. I realized that I approached the game completely wrong. I was trying to play it like I would any other third person action game, but this game demanded a different way of thinking. I decided to be patient, and took the time to understand what I thought were silly gameplay mechanics. The funny thing about my experience is what I initially hated about the game became reasons for my enjoyment.

Come back to it in a few months and give it a try. You may still hate it, or your experience can be like mine.

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thats a sexy response
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I felt the same way when I first started playing...I thought the combat system was boring and the game was just INSANELY ridiuclously hard to the point that it wasn't fun. In fact it was SO hard that I did a little research online and found some tips for beginners. This opened everything up and I'm really enjoying it now
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and I ecpected nothing of this game but fell in love with it immediately because of the sense of realism in movements and the weight of weapons and hits etc... BlackFro55 is right: you need to see and approach this game for it is : different.
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Dark Souls is made for players who will play the game for more than two minutes and who will explore the game finding the best equiptment and the lore behind the game, you've given me two reasons as to my thinking that you aren't even giving this game a chance. A) You played two minutes, judging the game completely over graphics from two years ago and upon a combat system that opens up and shows its true colors as you progress. B) The game was made to be challenging, if you cant deal with the black phantoms or the white phantoms then play in offline mode.

Your early dissection of Dark Souls is severely disappointing to all mankind.

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@thatsexyninja: Hi, I really need to get a purging stone to remove the curse that I go from the frogs, but I accidently killed both merchants that sell the purging stone.... so do you know any way of getting a purging stone or am I cursed for ever?

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Played it first time in 2011 - didn't like it. Played it 2013 again - one of my favorite games of all time.

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The most incredible thing about Dark Souls and Demon's Soul's its how they stand out among thousands of games they are super original, but they are games that require patience.

I think that's the most notorious difference between RPGS and JRPGS, the hours that you have to delve into it so you can see its true colors. Give it at least an hour it deserves it.

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You'd get flamed, insulted, cursed and yelled at, if you make a topic like this in Gamefaqs. Really immature community there, very hostile. I'm glad to see that's not happening here

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@mrsniper83: I'll take your word for it, 2 minutes playtime is plenty to go on.

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@Kickable said:

@mrsniper83: I'll take your word for it, 2 minutes playtime is plenty to go on.

Agreed, I will never pick this title up now because of this. JK I already own it and am over 20 hours of pure love and joy into the title.

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@quatoe said:

@Kickable said:

@mrsniper83: I'll take your word for it, 2 minutes playtime is plenty to go on.

Agreed, I will never pick this title up now because of this. JK I already own it and am over 20 hours of pure love and joy into the title.

20 Hours? You must be new ;) Come back when you learn to praise the sun! :D lol

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@gEiStToG: Extremely new, only picked it up a few months ago. Haven't had a whole lot of time for gaming lately so I haven't been able to put as much time in as I wanted.

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better to play offline nowadays. unless you are using MM yourself. every invader you will get will have fully maxed out gear and the most powerful sorceries. as well as infinite healing ability. you dont stand a chance. unless they went full-retard on their build and absolutely horribly suck at pvp

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Im gonna guess you never played Vampire Rain then?...awful :p Love dark souls though playing it now for the first time and enjoying it.

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I tried to play this three times, to 'get it' and understand it. I never did. I fet ripped off and still do The PC version is unplayable and should have trading standards issues refunds.

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I heard too many times. Its too hard. I die too many times. Bontfire, wtf is that, i have to kill this guys again? Its hard but the feel you have when you kill that f...... boss is greater than you have in another game. Worst game? Worst is Duke Nukem, Rambo, etc. Give this game another chance. If you die too many times in this game, you are on the right track.

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@announakis said:
fell in love with it immediately because of the sense of realism in movements and the weight of weapons and hits etc.

Caveat: Unlike Annunakis (sp) I didn't love it right away. I will say though, for every 3 times you hear someone say they love it, hate it, or how hard it is, you might hear just one thing about the combat or physics. The commentary on DS tends to overshadow the excellent physics with its difficulty level and uncompromising approach.

The physics of this game are very good in my opinion. If I redid a level 14 times, that might tick me off...in another game. But the weight of the weapons, variation in weapon-type attacks, dodge mechanics, are all VERY fair. I would have liked to see friendly-fire among AI, however, personally so that I could use it to my tactical advantage.

I don't have time to think or write much more extensively or explore some of my own thoughts as I am only just beginning Dark Souls 1, and I have work to do but for some reason.... Dark Souls has level progression, like other games. It has maps and dungeons like other games...character progression like other games, but it uses them all in its own way.

Yeah, you might be getting your ass kicked on level 1 or 2 but you can still gather souls and level yourself up to make yourself bigger and badder. You might do no damage to a miniboss on level 3 or 4 but the blacksmith (who seems pretty cool so far) can also help you with that.

I like that Dark Souls doesn't talk down to me. One time, I had to re-do a part a bunch of times. Finally got past it and then the next day forgot that I had. I started re-doing the same mobs and stuff and then I noticed there was a ladder that wasn't there before that I had unlocked. And I was like, "That's right! I beat this part last night! I CAN advance."

So, not only did i feel like a bad-ass for clearing the level and the mini-bosses the night before, I felt like a bad-ass just for noticing that ladder. Okay, obviously I need to spend more time thinking about this since I just highlighted ladders as a feature, but I really like Dark Souls.

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LOL TC probably died at the Asylum Boss and said "**** it"

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lol what are u bro? casul?

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There's been no reply so I'd assume he ragequit :P

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I've just recently started the game and I've made it to Blighttown. This definitely requires some patience, but I know once I'm through it I'll feel very relieved and satisfied just like after beating the damn Capra Demon.

I would recommend giving this game another chance. Watch some gameplay vids and maybe get some character building ideas. Hell, just bring up a guide until you get the hang of it. It's by far one of the best, most original games available right now.

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One of my favorite games ever

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I got banned laat week..... so I used this as a chance to gain more of an understanding about this puece of crap..... I stumbled across a video of Dark Souls 2 first impressions...... that when I got to witness just how people figure many of the game's secrets..... namely the Illusory wall......

At first I thought I was missing something.... I only discover an illusory wall by accident..... was there a way to spot one that I just didn't know about..... like The Mimic Chests ?

Nope.... turns out nobody can spot one.... the video demonstrated the best way to find such a wall is two press up against every single surface in the game.... yup.... Pixel Hunting.... thats the big secret that makes everybody think they are so clever for discovering these things..... don't get me wrong I get the appeal of discovery.... can you imagine how fucking great it must have felt to find the Great Hollow and be one of the first to become a dragon....... yeah that definitely feels good..... but don't act like you meticulously calculated that secret like some sort of Genius..... all you did was roll into a wall you had no reason to believe was fake...... TWICE......

And don't even get me started on the Combat and Enemy Encounters