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Hey everyone,

So I have played and beaten both Demon's Souls & Dark Souls. However, its been almost a year since I have played Dark Souls. I am thinking about getting back into it & starting from scratch. Also, how is the new content? Is there still an active community for the PS3 version?



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I play and I've seen at least 4 signs down in my play time and ofcourse the bloodstains but not sure how big of a community there is. Just started playing it had it on 360 before when I played through it. Haven't had luck with summoning though failed to summon a guy and then dc when I got summoned not sure if thats the game itself or PSN.

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the new content is good and there are tons of people on. Although it is a lot harder to find signs if you are not in the new worlds. you still can though if you just wait.