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I want to start a new character and I want to try the Sorcerer class since I haven't tried any magic yet. I wanted some tips on how to level up, such as what stats to concentrate on, and what gear is good for that class. Any help will be appreciated.

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I've maked an sorcerer last week in less them 15 hours of gameplay (just to pvp on that area, near the arena in the dlc, forgot its name).

I've begin with a pyromancer, because the sorcerer s**** at the PVE... just put some levls on END and VIT till lvl 14.

Played normaly, until take the drake sword, them leveled my character with STR and DEX to use it...

After the gargoyles, I've grinded a little (in the forest) to get the ascended pyromancer flame... (this isn't For PVP, Just for make the game easier...)

Them go for the great hollow, to get the covenant and the Lizards.

Get every dragon scale that you can, and take the DS till lvl 4. It will make your life easier...

Play till you get to anor londo, and make a lightining Weapon (preferrebly the Gargoyle Halberd (it easy to farm it and its 287 Phys and Ligh Damage, at lvl 5). By this you'll be lvl 40-45, at max, to do some PVP with the dragon covenant, on anor Londo. you'll need 10 Scales to use the best weapon for an INT Build.

Them beat the dukes archive to take the good spells with Logan, and the Insane Catalist. Don't forget the Tail sword from Seath. It's the best sword for pvp.

Them you end with 30 VIT, 14~16 Atunement. 40 End, 16 STR, 12DEX, everything else leaves at default.

Sorry about my bad english. 


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Dont forget to get at least 1 gargoyle halberd...
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Ah, and INT go for 44, to use the crystal soul Spear. And to get the scales, (PVPing in anor londo) the Giant armor set helps a lot. along with the lightining gargoyle halberd. Leave a dragon sign near the room with the bonfire. Or just farm with the drakes, or even, don't upgrade the Drake sword at all (but, you'll be having a hard time in sens fortres and anor londo.) also, you can get a fire gargoyle halberd till you get the chance to make a lightining one.
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take int all ther way to 50 if you can. homing crystal soulmass is almost useless in pvp so your main spell will be crystal soul spear. always use it from a distance as up close it won't hit. you'll be able to kill most invaders with just one css. Armour is up to you but for headgear wear the crown of dark sun gywndolin. logan's catalyst for new game.
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Focus entirely on inteligence and attunement slots. Over time you want to take attunement to 27 (7slpts) and int to 50. Also focus a bit on vitality (30 or so is fine if you wear the ring of favour and protection) and endurance (30 like vit). As for the weapon it depends which types of weapons you prefer, if you like heavy weapons then i suggest the magic greataxe plus 10, on my int build it did 750 damage at 50 intelligence, if you want something faster and enchanted uchigatana or enchanted claymore plus five can do good base damage and have a good modifier. Any gear should be fine as long as you have good defence (fully upgraded mix and match of giant armour recommended). If you dont mind having ur spell usage halved then the Tin Crystalization Catalyst will hit like a tank, if you want lots of spell usage the next best thi is the logans catalyst.
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Ring of everlasting dragon is a must, also wear eother the crown of the dark sun (increase of magic damage by 10%) or crown of dusk (i personally recommend as it increases magic damage by 20% ( with the ring you will do a LOT of damage) but decreases magic def by 30% , but if your at 50% equip burden you should be able to dodge most spells, so no worries)