Should I upgrade from this gear for NG+

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So I've been rockin 0 poise un-upgraded shadow gear ever since I found them in blighttown but with DWGR for this character but I'm afraid it won't cut it for NG+ are there any other sets with better stats that still look cool and are easy to keep below 25% weight idk if I wanna switch either way the ninja look is pretty legit but I wonder if it is worth it +5 I could do gold hemmed but meh....just gets old seein that one a lot and I'm guessing shadow gear +5 outbeats that anyways? Also my Ninja has a Katana so it matches too well making it harder to give up :0 Rockin the heater shield as well but I just wonder if my setup is at all viable for pvp.....
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I use havels ring with black iron head, boots and gloves and I use the black leather armour for chest. With ring of favour on it keeps me below 25% equip load with 40 endurance. +15 balder side sword with crest shield because it looks badass. It works well for pvp too
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You will likely level rather quickly in NG+, especially if you wish to. You could look to increasing your endurance and slowly integrating armor pieces that add poise. Most of the posts that I have read state having your poise at 57 is a minimum. I have no idea how accurate this is, nor how it was calculated. I, personally, seem to like mine a bit higher, but that could be just a placebo effect.