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Hey guys, I'm in NG+ and never really had much pvp experience. I havnt crafted a pvp build as I was originally pve player. My current stats are: Vit - 30 Att - 16 End - 40 Str - 13 (base) Dex - 40 Res - 11 (base) Int - 9 (base) Fth - 50 Is this a viable pvp build? I use black iron helm, black iron boots, black iron gloves and black leather chest all fully upgraded with RoFaP and havels ring keeps me at under 25% equip load. Using balder side sword +15 and +5 crest shield. I kinda go for looks over functionality. Any tips or changes you guys can give me would be awesome. Thanks
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Sorry I should also had I'm SL 127 and currently using DMB and sunlight blade miracles as well as WoG. I use the DMB talisman too. Should I start a NG to make a better build or will this work ok?
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I haven't used that sword in PvP, but the rest should be fine. The key is to learn to parry and back stab, especially parry. Tangent with your miracles, if you can master those, you should be fine. Also, casting Great Magic Barrier (at minimum Magic Barrier) upon sight of a castor is imperative. Otherwise, you will likely be one-shot blasted in to oblivion. Upon using GMB, be aggressive, as it only lasts about 40 seconds. Most castors will use their primary magic attack at the start of a fight, even after you have cast a barrier. Often they will take a second to recalculate, as they will typically blast you thinking you won't survive it, or if you do, barely, and therefore are setting up to cast again when you walk directly through their attack (don't block). This allows you to establish an early advantage by getting several hits in.