Need help at Sen's Fortress!

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I'm really stuck here, and could use some help. I'm level 38, probably really low. Any tips/summon signs to help?
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In my experience summon signs are always clustered in the first room in that place, remember to be human but then again every time I do Sens as a human I cant make it through without at least one person invading me so if you are human make sure you get one of the summons before you go in. Another tip, if your human there is a room adjacent to the room with the boss fog gate that has an NPC summon you can use for the boss battle. If its because you're weapon is too weak like it was for me on a couple of files when I went to sens too early then remember you will higher max damage faster by upgrading your weapon than upgrading your stats, so level up your weapon I know I needed to grind at the forest sometimes for souls since the human NPC's there give 2k souls per kill and theres some non respawnable ones there that give even more. Also there is a fake chest in Sens with a lightning spear that might help against the serpents since it has elemental damage and someone once told me they are resistant to physical damage dunno if that's true but I'm pretty sure I was just too weak, or rather, my weapon was too weak. Final tip, You can backstab the serpents so take advantage of that with the hornet ring if you need to. You can get the hornet ring from the forest without fighting the boss there if you keep your distance from the sword and go behind the grave.
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If your having problems in that area at your level.. Just run past every NPC, till you get to the room with the switch which controles the direction of the rolling boulders.. Keep heading upwards.. then drop off the ledge when you get outside where you will see the bonfire!

You will also need the key to the cage which is the shoet cut back down!

There is so much to find out about this game, sometimes it doesnt hurt to get some info on You tube..

Just go onto youtube and watch some Sen fortress walkthroughs!

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Not sure if you still need help, but what system are you playing on?
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i would say become a hollow till you reach the bonfire in sens's fortress to avoid invasions. you need some kind of projectile attack or spell to get rid of the female serpents in some areas such as fireball. don't forget to get the covetous gold serpent ring, one of the most important rings in the game and also free Logan if you're going for a magic build.