Low Level NOOB!

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yups, thats me. my highest character right now is a level 37 cleric swinging a divine claymore around... probably a bad choice. i made it all the way to Blighttown, and was easily dispatching goblins and ghoulies there, when JUST as i was about to make it to the second bonfire the passage went all white and i got a lovely pop up telling me some **** was invading. i pulled out my crystal sword, put on some resin... and was immediatly 1 hit ko'ed through my guard by a flaming 2h sword of some sort. big deal right? get back to the spot and collect my humanity and souls? yeah didnt happen. now im completely stuck and cant even get back there again. such a dissapointment. so what im here for is this, can you all give me and tips/pointers/dirty tricks to surviving these damnable invades without me having to give up extra item find and specter summons? im up for restarting, rerolling, trying different classes, builds, and paths through the game. i just want the best head start you can give me, so that i can actually try and play the game as a human, and maybe make some invaders wish they hadnt jumped into my world? i want to experince the game, not just get raped because some **** made a low level character just so he could destroy noobs.
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Try to rush to the next bonfire again while the cooldown is still active. There's a set period of time that has to pass before you can be invaded again.
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Go to the Gargoyle church tower, and buy as many sacrifice rings that you can (5,000 souls), and pop one on whenever you get invaded With that ring always on you won't have to go to any blood stain to pick up your souls and humanity. (there is one free one if you can get to it. It's at the fire shrine, under the bridge.)

Or... you can wait until you die and then put it on, and always have one on until you get to your blood stain. The reason? Your old blood stain will remain in place as long as a new one doesn't spawn, and as long as you have that ring on, a new one won't spawn when you die. The risk, of course, is if you run out of rings before you get to your stain. But on the flip side, you'll have 2 ring slots for the invasion and PvE, instead of only having one.

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There isn't really a simple answer other than Tranquil walk of peace/wrath of the Gods spam. I say just learn to pvp instead of resorting to cheap tricks. That just encourages them to be even cheaper in response. Also focus on upgrading equipment before leveling, it makes twinkers hurt less.
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Did you get there yet? It will take awhile before you are able to defend yourself against invaders, many of which have hundreds of hours of experience doing just that. I understand your desire to play human, but remaining hollow until you reach that bonfire may be necessary. Don't start over yet. Your first character is a test run. Once you get a better feel for the game, make a new character and you'll find things much easier. I agree with using most if not all souls earned to buy materials to upgrade your equipment before focusing on leveling up.
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Even with a great build, someone who spends a fair share amount of time invading will still destroy you, It's called experience and skills, you'll get it eventually, but it does make a difference in this game. This is not just about stats.