I need help on new weapons and armor for pvp

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Hey guys :) i havent posted in a LONG! time but i was wondering what your opinions for a REALLY powerful weapon and what i should try attain for the fastest/strongest armor  :)

I use Havels full set and a Black Knight +5 Halberd and they are REALLY slow online and i feel im holding myself back .. i have all the souls i need and I think every ember ... could someone please hook me up with some pro advice so i can start destroying online :) please and thank you

Im level 102 and state are :

Vit = 31
End = 32
Strength = 52
Dex = 27
Res = 10
Int = 9
Faith = 12

SauceOfTheGods PS3

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no one gives a **** haha . a great welcome back to gamespot after 8 years

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Yeah, not very active here. I like the zweihander. I've killed countless foes with it. Though it's somewhat slow, it can swing in a wide arc which is great for defending against the backstab. Does good damage, especially when buffed, and has a rather handy rolling R1 that is devastating when timed correctly. It's hard for me recommend armor, there's so many potential combinations. For me, it HAS to look good, and it has to be light enough to fast roll, so I'd just experiment with different combinations.
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Obsidian greatsword from kalameet or like chaos blade if you want a lot of quickness.
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If its fast you want i found the gold tracer is lethal in PvP