I need help getting MORE souls!!!!

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I'm having a hard time leveling up because I can't get enough souls...so I've been using the souls I have to reinforce my armor and weapons with the titanite shards (my halberd is a bad ass b*tch). How can I get more souls??


I'm playing as a knight and my stats are as follows:

Level 22

Vitality 17

Attunement 10

Endurance 13

Strength 21

Dexterity 12

Resistance 10

Intelligence 9

Faith 11


Are these bad stats? I'm trying to kill that butterfly boss in the forest and I"m getting pawned. Help plealse!

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You need to summon Beatrice behind the stairs leading up to the butterfly if you can't find others to help you there. As far as souls go, I say that progressing through the game is the best way to go about it. Not only will you get better at the game, but you'll be killing enemies that are worth more souls. Your stats aren't bad, but it also depends on the weapon you use.