Dark Wood Grain Ring with RoFaP or Havels?

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I'm currently using FAP and DWGR but am missing out on using some better armor so that I can keep my roll


Heres my setup so far

RH1 - Lightning Zweihander +1

RH2 - Pyromancy Flame +2

LH1 - Caduceus Kite Shield +4

LH2 - Longbow +1

Head - Mask Of The Father

Chest - Crimson Robe +2

Hands - Shadow Gauntlets

Legs - Heavy Boots


I want to start using some better armor, like Explorer, Silver Knight, and Ornsteins, but I can't use it and still roll with the DWGR... and I love that roll. So my question is, should I take off the FaP and use the Havel? Or is it not worth it?


And here are my stats if they matter

lvl - 70

Vit - 25

Att - 12

End - 32

Str - 30

Dex - 18

Res - 11

Int - 12

Fai - 11

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Personally, I keep the RoFaP on at all times, and interchange the other dependent on location and circumstances. I would recommend that you at least keep it on until you have a backup, as it obviously breaks upon removal. You could try a lighter weapon (perhaps the claymore?), and placing most of the weapons you don't use in storage allows you to unequip your bow to keep your weight down while still keeping the ability to quickly access it as needed.
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You're just going to have to decide on either being as quick as possible, or a little slower with heavy armor, until you're endurance gets really high. That'll depend upon your style of play. I've seen many players that are practically naked, running around with a big weapon. They've become very good at not being hit. Then again, these are often the same players that get killed in one hit by a boss.