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Hi guys, I finished the game a while ago and a friend told me that they would be interested in buying it. My question is, is it possible to co-op with him as long as we stay within a similar soul level? Is it possible to use the white sign soapstone in an area you already cleared? I understand that I would potentially be going through each area twice (one with him summoned to my game and once with me summoned to his) and I wouldn't mind that, just wondering if it can be done.


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You can summon white spirits as long they are in soul level range which could be 5 to 100. You need to check on wicky with your soul level what the exact limit is for each level. If you want to summon him you need to have the boss for that area still alive, if you want to help him, however, you don't need your boss to be alive but his' needs to be alive.

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Is the co op in this worth it? Me and a buddy want to get it but i keep reading its a pain in the butt to start and it doesnt seem like an actual co op, more like Fable "co op" instead of something like a smaller mmorpg (cause we are looking for a co op rpg game)

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Yeah, you can co op with up to 2 friends but it's not the easiest of systems to do this in because the game wants you to play with strangers. Definetly fun though once you get your friend or friends to join you.