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Hello all! I am fairly new here, I leveled two sorcerer characters to 15 but had to erase them because I invested a lot of stats in the wrong places. I am starting a new character now and am going to play as the "Deprived" class and focus on magic. I love a challenge and was told that "Deprived" is the challenging class to play so my mind is made up on what I want to play and do with the character. However, here is my dilemma; when and where should I invest in what stat? After looking around having a little in every stat except faith(?) and resistance is useful in the beginning. However, I know I wan't to use the Black Knight Sword which requires 20 strength and 18(?) dexterity and the bow costs 12 dexterity I believe. So should I take my dexterity to 12 first then pump strength to 20 then dexterity again to 18? After I do that, where should my stats go to be most useful? I know I want to end up with 6 attunement slots so I will need a 23 attunement. Perhaps I should raise my endurance to 16 after my strength hits 20 and my dexterity hits 18? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! Also, if you could include like a list (in order) what when to raise the stats in what order I should do it as well.

Thanks again so much for any and all help! Also keep in mind and remember, I already have my mind made up, I know I want to be a caster class using intelligence, basically a "Deprived Sorcerer"!

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Also, one other question. I notice the classes start out at different levels. Does this mean that "Deprived" with a starting level of six will cost more souls at first to level than say "Pyromancer" who starts out at level one? If that's hard to understand, here is an easier way I guess. I just saved 1000 souls on both a new "Deprived" character and a new "Pyromancer" character. I go to the bonfire to level up for my first time on either character and let's say "Deprived" costs 750 souls to level. When I go to level my "Pyromancer" for the first time, will it also cost 750 souls or will it cost less since the SL is lower on the "Pyromancer" than it is on the "Deprived" character?

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If you want to be a Sorcerer then 20 Strength might be abit much.... and the The Black Knight Sword isn't really a a good weapon that compliments a Sorcerer since it isn't Buffable.

The General Rule for any Specialised Build is 16 Strength and 12 Dexterity since these are the bare minimum requirements to wield the Trusty Claymore with one hand and Zweihander with 2 Hands.... I believe its also the Bare minimum to wield the lightest Great Shield in the game in case the Stability from Silver Knight Shield is not to your satisfaction.

From there you can Dump everything else into Vitality and whatever type of Playstyle you want to Specialise in.... in this case that would be your intelligence.

If you want you can increase your endurance aswell so you can wear armor with Poise and have access to more stamina but most people generally just go with RoFaP (Ring of Favour and Protection) since it boosts your Vitality.... Stamina and Weight Capacity by 25%..... which is nice..... the trade off is you can never take the Ring off.... if you do..... it shatters and you'l have to get a new one....

I always get the ring on every play through but I never put it on because there are much more powerful rings out there and they work better when you Combo them together.

When playing a Magic class I always go for the two primary convenient weapons of oppertunity..... I use the Drake Sword all the way up to Sens Fortress then from there I use the Lightning Spear until I get to Ornstein and Smough.... at that point in the Game one of the 4 Gargoyles you've killed the might drop the Gargoyles Halberd..... I convert that Weapon into the lightning halberd and max it out with all my resources. Then I can play the rest of the game only leveling Vitality and Magic of choice.