4 Kings help and more

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I need some help finding the 4 kings.. I drained the water and I don't know where to go from there. I'm sl130 first play through. (guy gave me a ton of souls). If you can help just add me/ send a message. GT: Thenoob7331
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There should be an elevator nearby where you drained the water.
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From fire link shrine, go down then take elevator to new londo and cross bridge to 1st 2 ghosts. Kill them and go forward and right to the corner and drop. Into the shallow pool Bear right and go the length of the pool killing the dark wraith that attacks you. Go straight out of the water and head left up the steps slowly there are 2 dark wraiths in there and 2 ghosts come out of the walls. Head straight from the steps at the end head left. If you look leftish across the bridge you see the fog gate. Enter and just jump off making sure you have the ring of artorias equipped. Good luck
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You don't even have to kill the ghosts. Run past them and jump off the ledge to the right of the stairs as you pass them. They will not follow. In fact if you are feeling brave you can run past all the darkwraiths too. Once you hit the fog only the ghosts can follow, and they won't for very long.