Graphic whores are crying, Rpgers are delighted.

User Rating: 9 | Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition PC
The best RPG ever released on the PC. Dark Souls is brutal, immersive, beautiful, sinister and tons of fun.

The game was ported from consoles to PC and it shows in some areas like the lack of gamepad customization, bad keyboard+mouse controls... but even on a keyboard and mouse you can play the game without much problems.

The game itself is spetacular. If you like Action RPGs this is a MUST HAVE. If you are a Battlefield whore then stay away from it.

Graphics with the already avaiable mod resolution are very nice, playing with a controller is very good and everything else is awesome. Having to play with Games for Windows Live isn't that bad as i thought.

I want to thank From Software and Namco for bringing this pure gem to PC. They do have to get better at porting a console game to a PC but its nothing that some mods can't fix and games like Oblivion were only enjoyable after 2000 mods while the game itself was crap.

Dark Souls is fun from the very beggining and that's hard to come by with so many shallow games being released for players who care only about graphics.

Simple as that. Now i'll go back to backstabbing demons. Cya!