Bout as bad as console ports can be.

User Rating: 1 | Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition PC
Would love to have experienced more of this game but unfortunately it was not designed to be played with keyboard and mouse. The controls cannot be customized and even at stupidly low sensitivity the camera is uncontrollable with a mouse. I'm not someone who is willing to play with a gamepad, and feel I should never be confined to it while playing a pc game. Graphics are a more minor concern but still worth mentioning. They're pretty bad. I thoroughly enjoyed demon souls on ps3 so I was looking forward to playing this game. Very disappointing. I'm still holding out hope that the game can be patched to increase its playability on pc. But I'd imagine if the game designers didnt take the time to tailor it in the first place, thats not a priority for them. Bottomline, if you want to play dark souls get it for ps3. Avoid this terribly executed port.