Dark Souls III is a game that is so challenging but yet so amazing that it will leave you wanting more!

User Rating: 10 | Dark Souls III (Deluxe Edition) PS4

First review I'm typing in prby a number of years or so but yeah whatever lets get to it.

I've heard of this game numerous times and have watched videos of others playing it. Never thought I would want to play a game such as this because of its challenging difficulty but I decided one day to take up the sword and take my swing at Dark Souls III.

Yeah... YOU DIED. And then your Smart TV died too! But that's another story. This game isn't meant for everyone but I can assure you that if you stick with it and not rage quit at the Abyss Watchers you may gain your right of passage. Keyword: MAY.

There is alot to explore in this game and alot of pretty scary creatures that want to kill you but just remember to invest your souls into the right stats and you will be good. Don't forget about your weapons either! Also, FARM like your life depends on it... Trust me! You will understand why I said this if you're in late game. The build that you decide to go with is entirely up to you though and WILL make or break your experience in this game.

As far as Dark Souls III story goes you're basically trying to link the flame (again) and a bunch of Cinders don't feel like sitting there and wanting to be a part of that now. And as a result the world is in a pretty bad post apocalyptic state? I mean its pretty screwed up and you have to deal with it so figure it out or YOU DIED. I'm not even going into the whole lore that surrounds this situation because my brain will explode and I need it to finish the first 2 games... And Bloodborne... AND ELDEN RING!!!

Anyways, I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game and there were rather pretty hilarious moments that made me want to break my controller because of this game. Dark Souls III visually is an amazing game and I can actually say at the time of me typing this that I've beaten this game and I'm already half-way done with the DLC. I may even run through this game again just to platinum it.

Closing this review out though do I recommend it? Well... if you like playing games that hold your hand then NO. If you're a hardcore casual then also NO. If you easily rage quit and complain about difficulty all the time then definitely NO. But if you simply just want to play a game that offers you a REAL challenge and you don't mind the spike in difficulty and dying ALOT, then go right ahead. The greatest reward is knowing that you conquered the game and you're able to share that experience with others who haven't.


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