Mandatory title in any videogame collection!

User Rating: 10 | Dark Souls III PS4

Coming from the Otogi series in the xbox, then the first Dark Souls, the most memorable gaming experience I ever had, then Dark Souls II, Bloodborne, and now DSIII, I gotta, say, FROM Software is not just a videogame company, they are artists. If you are new to the series, please, buy the first two Dark Souls games, and enjoy them before playing this one. If you are already familiar, hop on the train and let's dive once again in the world of the kings and undeads.

Dark Souls III is another masterpiece. Supposed to be a continuation of Dark Souls history (Dark Souls II is somewhat non-canon) it takes place in the same world, continuing the lore and expanding it, as well as borrowing some aspects of lore and gameplay from DSII and Bloodborne. It runs on the Bloodborne engine, which is a superb beautiful game.

As a veteran Dark Souls player and fan, I absolutely loved every minute of playing this game. FROM took every good aspect of its previous titles, and enhanced them further. This game is just too good. What a thrill is to play it! Bloodborne is a frighteningly experience, more often than not, some places can almost make you have a heart attack, but that's one of the aspects of the game, and one that makes it great. Dark Souls III is not a terror game, it's an action adventure, that makes you overcome adversities, evolve and fight on. It is, without a doubt, the most strikingly beautiful game of the Dark Souls trilogy. The sceneries are so vivid, so full of detail, you can't help but stop just to admire the art and love put into designing the areas. You have totally new enemies to deal with, memorable bosses, and some old ones reprising their roles.

The music! My God the music is amazing! Orchestras playing, operas, the soundtrack is phenomenal!! I mean, all Souls games had memorable soundtracks, but this is on another level. If you get the game, either buy a special edition that comes with the soundtrack, or buy it with it. It is worth every penny! The only game that made me love the soundtrack like this was Nier. If I would put Nier in a tier 100, DSIII would be way up in a 80. I personally, found the first boss music to be the best one of the game. I remember dying over and over again just to hear the soundtrack playing in the background, what a spectacle is to hear it.

10/10 game. So much fun!!