Dark Souls III: Fire Fades Edition Review.

User Rating: 7 | Dark Souls III: The Fire Fades Edition XONE

I am a big fan of the dark souls series I started with just the base game of 3 one of my friend turned me to it at the start i was very skeptical I wasn't the biggest fan of the hard and, rage inducing games like dark souls but the more I played it I fell in love with the game and once I finished it I was wanting more content so I purchased the DLCs for the game I first started with the Ashes of Ariandel in my option I felt that the Ashes if Ariandel was mediocre for what it had to give to the game it added some more armor and weapons and a interesting map but the problem I had with it was that there wasn't much there it had one main boss and an optional boss I feel that most of the worth in the game was the undead matches but they were hard to find a match and the went by to quickly, I enjoyed to see they gave the PVP players some more content but the way they did it wasn't the best, the way they did it seemed rushed and the PVE part of the DLC also felt like it was just pushed out when they could to continue the content and ride the train of the dark sous 3. But I feel they redeemed them self with the ringed city DLC it came with a good bit of armor and it has on of my favorite pieces of armor in the game the ringed knights armor and it came with a new convent which i felt was cool thing they did the DLC gave a interesting approach to the game with the Angel enemies with the stealth needed to get around them, it gave some intresting NPCs in the game and some good bosses in my opinion, and it had a more difficult and longer DLC which is what I was wanting I was wanting more Content in the game and i felt that the Ringed City Delivers it to the PVE player.