Amazing all around, defining game of this generation

User Rating: 10 | Dark Souls III (Day One Edition) PS4

This was my first DS game, after playing the s**t out of Bloodborne, and I've beaten it 5 or so times and spent hundreds of hours doing it. The mechanics, the weapons, graphics, the online play, and most of all, the series originality. One thing tho: be sure to not learn the equip weight limit and summon sign mechanisms or you will get stuck.

I wish I could give it a 9.5 because there are still many issues with summon signs not working. But GS doesn't have a decimal rating system, so I'll round up. I do in part because replay value is so incredibly high due to NG+ as well as the fact that even on your fifth or sixth playthrough, you'll find something new and constantly be challenged.

For newcomers, a great intro to Dark Souls. For those who've played 2 but not 3 yet, its a massive improvement. Dark Souls III is the best video game of this gaming generation, maybe of the last two generations.