User Rating: 1 | Dark Souls III PS4

This game is the most garbage game i have ever played in my life. I have played many many many video games and I've always played them on the hardest difficulty because i like video games and tend to be good at them. But this fucking game is a whole different story. I have played enough video games to know that there's a difference between difficulty and complete utter bullshit and that is what this game is. Asides from that this game completely punishes you from not being able to get past your objectives without dying so you loose your souls and then you hack and slash through those same boring enemy mobs till you have enough souls again and whoops you lost them again. And you loose your embers so you cannot be able to play online to make it even a little easier for you because the game punishes you and takes that away from you. So basically its fucking annoying and repetitive and boring and makes you feel like everything you has been for nothing because you just loose everything and then you hear people saying how "Rewarding" this game is pathetic.

Imagine that shit this game "Rewards" you by not being good at it to make it even harder for you that doesn't make any fucking sense and people say that "This game doesn't hold your hand like other games do." thats because this game doesn't make any fucking sense and it has artifical difficulty on it not a real difficulty or a challenge just bunch of guys who Hit faster than you/Are much stronger than you/Has better reach than you/Better poise etc. And no limits to the things they can do THEY CAN DO LITERALLY ANYTHING! that doesn't make any sense there has to be some logic to this game or strategy but really there is none.