so this is the end

User Rating: 8 | Dark Souls III: The Ringed City PS4
Dark Sous 3: The Ringed City Unfortunately it should be the last thing on Dark Souls, since there probably will not be more games in the series, which on one hand I'm happy because it ended in an epic way, but sad to know that we will not have any more of this incredible universe, but who knows a new Demon Souls, The Ringed City is difficult, all Boss are very challenging, highlight Midir and the last boss who are very difficult, and the stages are complicated, full of complicated enemies and the new area is huge with huge enemies and also has a main game boss that has become an enemy in this Expansion, the soundtrack is great, the ambiance is very good, it is a challenging expansion and the feeling of zeroing is sad but it is good to know that the series was closed in a great way, but I thought there was little news. Note 85