nothing is better than the feeling of killing that tough boss, Dark Souls always gives us that.

User Rating: 10 | Dark Souls III PS4

Dark Souls 3 in my opinion is the apex of one of the best trilogies of the games, for me it can do what was best in others and perfect, Dark Souls 3 takes a lot of elements of the first, brings back some things, has its references, and its challenging difficulty, is not the Dark Souls more difficult, but it can be challenging to the extent, the game is full of content, has several equipment, be it armor, weapons, rings, spells, etc., the game rewards you for exploring, there are 2 secret areas in the game, Abandoned Tumors and the Archidragons Peak (which has the most difficult boss of the game), and the main areas of the game have several, but the ones that struck me most was The Catacombs of Carthus because it is a place that I had a lot of difficulty, I found a very complicated place and Irithyl of the Boreal Valley which is visually one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in a game, the view when you see the place is simply amazing, not to mention that it is a large area and challenging and in a very complicated boss also, the graphics are beautiful, the gameplay is very good, it works, the only thing I did not like was the camera, mainly against Boss Nameless King where in your first form you have enough difficulty due to the camera and the times when you fight in a small place it just does not focus on the fight and that makes it very difficult, the design is incredible, the bosses visually are a spectacle to the part, highlight for Nameless King, Yhorm the Giant, Curse-Rotted Greatwood and Ancient Wyvern, the game has quest, and there is a quest that has to do to open the secret end of the game, some are complex, but nothing impossible, and has some excellent, highlight the quest of Siegward of Catarina that is mine NPC favorite of the game and maybe my favorite series, a very cool and fun character, and his quest is full of great moments and has a very good closing, the game almost does not appeal on the difficulty, but I found the boss Nameless King and the last boss is a bit of a hassle, and frustrating, but the feeling of defeating them, especially Nameless King, is great, the voice work is great, highlight the voices of Siegward and Eygon of Carim that are great, and the soundtrack is spectacular, the songs that plays in the fight fight are excellent, I really like the track that plays in the fight against Curse-Rotted Greatwood, and my favorite is the one that plays in the menu of the game that is phenomenal, customization is still weak , as it is common in the series Souls and Bloodborne, the characters are very badly made, but it is not something that will bother, and to get items to have 100% in the covenant is very annoying to achieve, so much that I give up platinum game because of that, Dark Souls 3 is a spectacular game, the best of 2016 in my opinion and one of the best games I have ever played, and the final boss battle is epic for everything it represents, it is a game that is unmissable and come Bloodborne 2 or Demon Souls 2, or why and not a new IP, I just want more from From Software. Note 100