2 Techs might you didn't know about: Reverse Roll and Reverse Quickstep

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Hi there, I found this tech a few months ago, and I want to share with you guys, probably some of you know about it, but a lot of people didn't, so, that is why i'm posting it. This is my first post here so DontBully plz. Anyways, lets start.

The first tech I found is the Reverse Quickstep, I made a tutorial to how to do it and another video testing it in PvP:

Reverse Quickstep Tutorial:

Reverse Quickstep on PvP:

Then, the other tech I found comes to DS1, probably you know about it, the reverse roll:

Reverse Roll Tutorial:

Reverse Roll on PvP:

Hope you found this usefull. If you like the content you maybe like to check out my channel https://www.youtube.com/c/Th3Wh4mmyDKS I post generally pvp and techs. Thanks for watching, guys :)