Your #1 improvement for DS2

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Drawing from & Sheathing to a scabbard. Cuz there is nothing cooler and more badass than drawing your sword with style and hearing the metalic *shwing* when facing a horde of enemies. Or sheathing your bloody sword back with style after slaying a massive boss.


Ialways thought it was unrealistic and silly that the weapon are drawn from your pockets, and never get bloodstains.

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OH and add Flails!!

Nothing spells out dark-fantasy-medieval combat more than a flail!

I can't believe the developers forgot about this weapon. Basically no video game used it, it's about damn time.

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Fix the pathing issues, add real physics, real gravity. Surfaces need friction. Characters need to be able to grab ledges when they fall (to an extent). No lvl 200+ NG+++++++ supreme grand master should fall to his death because he stepped on a frictionless mound of land and got sucked into a black hole.
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The only thing I can think of is improving the graphics.  Which is supposed to take place with DS2.  Game play overall is superb. 

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I just do NOT want them to make a Skyrim game.  Too many of those. Make it rewarding...and challenging...that's all, at the end of the day!

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I want an ending sequence that lives up to the rest of the game. Give me some sort of a 3 or 5 minute end scene that actually explains something. 15 seconds showing something like me burning up, is just not good enough.
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I would just like to be able to see and connect to my friends easier. Maybe make the Join in Progress option actually work.
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Actual combos. Not just a tiny handful of moves per wep like the first game.

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Makes some weapons that can actually at least come close to the Katana, seriously the Katana is so OP, it's not even funny. If straight swords are slower and have less reach, then make them at least hit with more damage than Katanas.
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fresh from the beta:

-pathing issues: sadly not fixed, and worse than ever. A sword swing might be enough to make an enemy fall from a cliff, then send you to your death as well

-improving the graphics: yes and no. the graphics are a bit more defined and detailed, but it's mostly the framerate that makes a complete difference. No more lag, smooth combat, even with a lot of enemies.

-combos: nope. just one combo per weapon, performed by mashing buttons.

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NEXT GEN.......!!!!!

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#1 improvement for me is to nerf the crap out of backstabs and ripostes. Dark souls combat is simply amazing. Pvp would be much more epic if they seriously nerf cheap tactics like backstabbing. I've read a few things that allude to that. There was something about being able to stop the backstab at a certain point or possibly do some sort of reversal. But, I can't be sure about that. If you think about it logically, it makes no sense either. How can you take a sword to the face 3-4 times and still be ninja flipping all over the place, yet a backstab basically insta kills you? Kinda dumb and really ruins pvp in dark souls. dark souls pvp is amazing at times because of the many different builds you can bring to the table but also because the mechanics of blocking, dodging and attacking just feel so perfect. Yet, all that goes out the window with backstabs and ripostes. As said, I'm certain they didn't something to "nerf" them, but I'm willing to bet dark souls ii pvp will still consist of backstab fishing.

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this game is a joke..there is no way to be a GOTY..whats wrong with you all?

are you blind

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@kimyowhmanchit: Sorry, but, GOTY is a joke. And so are your juvenile comments tbh.