Penalties for disconnectors

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I would like to see a penalty added for people who disconnect after being invaded. Either they lose their humanity or the invader gains one. Preferably the first one!! Some people summon players to bet the level for them, beg for high level gear and weapons and disconnect if invaded?!

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I think the penalty should be worse than just losing their humanity. IMO they should lose both 50% of their humanity and their souls. Because if they just lose 1 humanity each time they disconnect it is just going to keep on happening.

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I think the reason people disconnect is so they don't lose their humanity, If they lose it anyways, then they might as well try to fight for it. Nothing makes me madder then the guy looking for someone to beat their level for them and then disconnecting when they get invaded.. Its a insult to the nature of the game. If you want the benifit of someone helping you, then you run the risk of someone killing you... nuf said..

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Care to elaborate??

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I agree with that, but I still think they should still lose souls in the process. some disconnect because they want to fight the boss and don't want to go through everything again. So how about this then, they disconnect it counts as a death which means all souls and humanity is lost. That should stop everyone from disconnecting as long as it bypasses a ring of sacrifice... Honestly, I am pretty sick of disconnections because I tried one day invade 12 times, 10 of them being disconnections. That pretty much made me go crazy.

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What abou people that just have a bad internet connection?

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I couldn't agree more. I am always losing connection and this would mean I would have to ether play off line or constantly start over. Bad idea all around.
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To me, would be better if the invaded, don't go hollow if killed, just count as a die, like whem you invade someone. You loose every soul and humanity, but don't go hollow, and the bloodstein would be in the death place... And if the invaded kill the invader, he would gain souls equal of the invader souls needed to lvl up. not just half of it... It would bring more of a motivation to try to kill the invader...

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I have never lost connection right befor someone was about to kill me. and there is a big difference between "losing connection" and quiting the game everytime you are invaded. If you click out, you should be punished.

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The developers are on board with the concept that if you play online for assistance then prepare to be invaded and die. Time to join the P.A.D (Players Against Disconnectors) community !!!

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Disconnecting is lame, but ppl that just camp advantageous areas is just as lame IMO. I'd be fine with them having a penalty that kicked in for repeated drops like at every 5 you lose a humanity, every 10 you lose half your souls or something like that. That being said I'm not thrilled with the constant threat of invasion regardless of being human or hallow form. I think when you go human you're taking a risk vs reward choice and now that you can be invaded being hallow it's just punishing you for struggling or just starting out. They're implementing other things to try and even things out with various covenants, but we'll see how it goes at launch.