Is this coming to PS4?

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According to gamespot its coming to x360, pc, ps3 and xone. What about PS4?

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WOW seeing thison the X-box one and not the PS4 doesn't make my purchase fo the PS4 very valid now.....

The thing is it was Demon SOuls was on the PS3 and not the X-box while baffles wtf is up with that?

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It damn well better, it makes sense not to

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This game not coming to PS4 is my #1 reason to stick to my good ol' PS3.

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I am sure it will eventually be released for both ps4 and Xbox One, just like GTA 5. Probably once its DLC is out they will release a bundled version.

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Wow, I had no idea this game is coming to Xbox One. I thought it was just ps360 and pc. If they announce it for the ps4 then I might just get the ps4 sooner than planned.

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@blkgto: I hope so ! :(((

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From what I have read PS4 and Xbone ports have not been ruled out. However it could be six months to a year after the initial Dark Souls 2 release.

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Yeah but they should remove the logo lol, its kinda unfair if someone decides to buy their console because of this and then realize that its not coming!

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The official Namco Bandai website only shows Dark Souls II being available for PC/360/PS3.

Hope the Playstation Now streaming service will feature Dark Souls II as I sold my PS3 straight after obtaining the PS4.

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Me personally, I can't go back to the ps3. And, I haven't bought a next gen system yet and don't intend to until Destiny comes out. I just can't bare the 720p resolution. That's right, this game will not be in 1080p on the xbox or ps3. And, granted dark souls looked pretty good on ps3, but when compared to pc graphics, I sometimes make a sick face. The game will be ported to the ps4 but the graphics won't be any better, just upscaled. And, because it will be a port, it will probably have alot of latency issues. There will also be no mods to save it this time either.

The reason I say port is because sony just announced their idea to solve the issue of the ps4 not being able to play ps3 games. But really, it's to help aleve the major problem that even newer, huge titles like dark souls ii and gta 5 aren't being developed for the ps4. That idea is playstation now. It allows you to "stream" certain ps3 games from their cloud. I'm guessing dark souls ii will be in that mix. You just know that's going to be a lag filled disaster for a game like dark souls. It just sounds like a bummer to me. I'm going pc for dark souls ii and I would rather go ps4 all the way if they develoved it for the ps4. But they didn't, and that's that. It's a pretty big bungle by sony and microsoft in my opinion. This game is coming out months after the the next gen consoles' release, and microsoft and sony should have done a better job at ensuring developers were making hit titles for those new consoles.

The good news (for me at least) is that dark souls ii has been developed side by side for the pc this time around. No port. So it should be really good for the pc. It's still alittle sad. It's mostly just disappointing that there won't be any attractive games coming out for the ps4 (again, for me) for as far as the eye can see. I'd love to buy the ps4. But Destiny seems to be my only motivation and that won't be until september 2014.

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Several reasons why not to get a PS4 yet:

-this game :)

-many other very, very good games that will be a lot cheaper

-PS3 is pretty OK from a graphics power pov + the most successful games of late have relied more on gameplay rather than graphics

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I saw a developer interview on IGN and one of the devs was saying how they developed the game with next gen in mind ; in the lighting and everything else. No reason to develop this game with next gen in mind if your not planning to release it on next gen

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This game is all about gameplay and the PS3 graphics are good enough.