I beat the beta!!!

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this beta was somewhat a letdown, since it was just a 2-hour run inside a limited area: I started with a choice from 6 preset characters, and beginned, in a typical "souls" fashion, at a bonfire overlooking a cliff. The area was surprisingly non-linear, with a few hidden paths, which only rewarded me with opening a few locked bonfires and shortcuts to the final boss. This boss was actually 3 skeleton lords and a sh**load of diverse skeleton soldiers. I beat them after painfully levelling my stats (once again, in a typical "souls" fashion), with a few minutes to spare until the 2-hour limit. During this nick of time, I gazed upon the next fog wall, forever closed to me, wondering how many other testers managed to do so...

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Any tips for us mortals?

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Sounds awesome!

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I beat the Skeleton king as well. It wasnt too hard. If you played Dark Souls 1 you know all the trics etc. I beat him the first time I met him. And I am not the best gamer in the world. It didnt take me much time to get there. Bit frustrating was after beating the boss, cause it was not Obvious that this was it, so i kept looking for more for one hour. That was a bit of anti-climax when I realized that I had seen it all. Overall I liked the new Dark Souls.

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not only beat the beta

1)beat the 2 bosses i

2)killed that little annoying midget dude

3) ran through the area 3x to see if i missed anything

4) tried pvp.

5) started playing with parrying and different weapons