HUGE problem in dark souls 2. Is it just me?

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I, for some reason, am stuck in some kind of purgatory where I am half online and half offline. I can see messages and blood stains but I can't place my summon sign nor can I find one, I haven't even gotten invaded yet (I am human mind you). I looked up playthroughs to seen if I missed something and I have noticed that on the main menu I am not given the option to go offline and that my option says "go online" but it is greyed out and can not be selected. is this just me? And even more I portantly, does anyone know how to fix this?!?!?!

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They're having problems. A lot of my the enemies have disappeared for me, it's like a waste land in some parts.

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yeah its very weird. I am pretty sure you don't need to place to be human to place a summon sign but I can't. my friend were playing and he said he had no problems on his end. I also have a problem similar to yours, the first 2 enemies after the bonfire in the forest of fallen giants (I think that's the name of it) remain dead even though I have rested at the bonfire at least ten times.

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Did you join the covenant of Champions? If you did, that particular covenant makes the game harder and therefore limits your summoning abilities.

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The reason enemies keep disappearing is because Dark Souls II limits farming for souls. If you keep killing enemies in a certain area and then go back and rest the bonfire over and over or die and grab your souls over and over enemies will slowly - and permanently, as far as I can tell - stop re-spawning.

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@rad2071: how badly does it dampen your summoning abilities. I knew the covenent made summoning more difficult but I didn't think it would completely get rid of it all together

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You may also have summon members of the covenant.

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@deucewellington: Im not entirely sure, but ive heard of others in the same predicament and they couldnt summon at all nor leave their sign. Best thing to do is leave that particular covenant and test it out.

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i left the covenant of champions but i still cant place my summon sign, i even started a new game to see if that would work, but i still have the same problem

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@rad2071: leaving the covenent works and I can now summon. thanks so much. now I just need to figure out how to get to earthen peak but Google can help me with that.

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@deucewellington: Glad i could help.

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I believe there are two ways to make the enemies respawning is: obviously making it to NG+ or burn a bonfire ascetics

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I can't even play the game. Dang thing opens up a white window then crashes. No amount of tinkering would fix it, tried verifying it again then freaking deleted the data and have it redownloading now. I am extremely upset and I can't even complain to Steam about it since its Namco's game. They aren't even on the Steam contact list and the only mention of this bug online is in the Best version thread on system wars.