Hitboxes, man,

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just got invaded by a reddie. he's got electro buff sword, magic barrier, so i just turtle and way for the effects to wear off, as i was doing that, and its been like this for every fight, 100%, the hitboxes man, the sword never reached my shield, but there is the effect, even those super long swords, like zwei, when they swing, u can see the edge blurr, i even make allowance to stay out of that blurr range, anyway, always connects on my shield, whats interesting is that i was turtling, so i was straffing, circling, those hits even connects when i was out of reach, and at an angle to them. then he got one guard break at directly in front, face to face, 2 metres apart, whats going on? i won by the way.

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I'm late to the party but yes, hitboxes are atrocious.

In my game I was 2-3 hits away from victory over my foe when he instakilled me through a solid, unbreakable object, not only did his weapon go through it, it connected with me when there was plenty of room between my character and his weapon.


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Hit boxes are fairly retarded. I just got hit by a hammer from a 90 degree angle and well out of range.