Dark Sector is an atmospheric journey, but shows its age in gameplay aspects

User Rating: 6.5 | Dark Sector X360
Dark Sector was a game I always had in the back of my mind. I have been meaning to play it since the first time I got an XBOX 360, about four years ago. For some reason I always delayed this decision until recently, when I finally delved into the dark and gritty environments of this third-person shooter/adventure game.

Dark Sector follows a spec op agent named Hayden Tenno, who is set out to stop an enemy, empowered with biological weapons. The action takes place in the Soviet Union and the fictional town of Lasria in particular. Tenno continues to pursue Robert Mezner, who is the creator of a biological weapon-virus, which is spreading throughout the city. The story introduces us with nothing that we haven't see already, but it tries to provide a little surprise and plot tension. 7/10

Well, this game came out in 2006, so playing it now certainly shows some old rendering and graphical tendencies, particular from those years back. The graphics are decent and they do not harm the overall game experience. The dark and gritty environments are certainly well developed. 7.5/10

Sound/Voice Acting
Dark Sector is an atmospheric game. There are plenty of ambient sounds, but not many recognizable tracks. The voice acting is not too bad, but nothing exciting. There are moment that one would say it is sort of cheesy. 6.5/10

The gameplay revolves around the use of the Glaive - a tri-edged boomerang type weapon, which can be dual-wielded with a one-handed weapon like a pistol. The Glaive can be thrown towards enemies or used in an execution moves. Besides that, we have a standard set of assault rifles and shotguns. The weapons can be upgraded or replaced and sold in a special marketplaces -The Black Market. Upgrades and money are found throughout the game. Dark Sector also uses cover-based mechanics and throws and rolls, similar to those used in the Gears of War series, for example. We can use a roll to evade an enemy attack. 7/10

Game Cons
-overall graphics are not that impressive
-voice acting is a bit cheesy
-some stupid AI
-some glitches involving enemies getting stuck in the environment
-clunky shooting mechanics

Dark Sector is a game I always wanted to play. The game will provide you with a decent story, decent gameplay and 'ok' graphics. If I had played it when it first came out I am sure I would have been more impressed, but I can definitely say that the game is worth playing if you are lacking a gaming title to enjoy. 6.5/10