This is a fun GREAT game to play with gameplay mechanics very similar to Gears of Wars.

User Rating: 8.5 | Dark Sector X360
So here I am again with another review of a game that probably nobody plays anymore but for 3.99 I couldn't pass on this one and I'm glad I did cause this game was really really fun to play with amazing graphics and gameplay similar (almost alike/same as Gears of War) so If you're a fan of Gears of Wars you'll gonna enjoy this game.

I never/rarely play online so this review relates to the single player only, so here it goes. Graphics are amazing, the way the players/characters move is very well done, the environments, the special effects look awesome, some of the boss characters are one of the best looking ones I've seen in a video game with many details taken in consideration. The game Is a bit tough to play because of the many times you find yourself with a herd of zombies attacking you but not that is annoying or impossible to beat. The length of time you spend playing is long enough with 10 chapters that could take up to 1-2.5 hours each or maybe longer and many achievements to go back for more happy-fun-killing-time with the always awesome blade, being this one of the most innovative part of the game where you get to throw a blade to kill your enemies which your camera can follow and guide to any part of your enemies body or set fire to a zombie which then will make the zombie explode... is that cool or what?

Excellent game, love it! Go get it for cheap now!