Great isometric 32-bit adventure game but not for all

User Rating: 8.5 | Dark Savior SAT
I played this game several years ago, but I remember getting stars signifying I completed all 5 endings, so I believe I am qualified to review it. Like the other reviewer stated, it is a spiritual successor to Landstalker on the Genesis which also was very good IMO. The one on one fights may seem a little stiff for a lot of folks, but it was an attempt to integrate the one-on-one fighting genre with the adventure genre, both of which were popular at the time. If you like the older style isometric adventure style games then you may enjoy this. Others will be turned off by its simplicity if they aren't fans of the genre. Don't play this game expecting Zelda like depth as it isn't quite so good, but has it's own merits and style to appreciate. I enjoyed earning all 5 endings but there wasn't any motivation to continue playing unfortunately. If you can find a copy very cheap, it may be worth your time.