The Reason i bought a saturn

User Rating: 9 | Dark Savior SAT
When i saw the demo of this game i knew this would be my favorite saturn game and god i was right, the story, the characters, the music, the 2d sprites in a solid and detailed 3d world were like magic to my eyes.

The game consists of 5 parallels that works as a "what if" in the story , the parallel system actives on the first stage of the game when you have a race against time to reach the control room before Bilan ( a legendary monster that you and your unit capture and is on his way to the prison island for execution) gets there

the games has its unique combat system a la street fighter , thats right when you face a monster the screen changes to a street fighter view and you can attack, jump, block and do a special move.

the platform areas are tricky and challenging to those without experience

The music fits the game perfectly

in conclusion this is the answer to Alundra on the psx another good game i will review some day, if Alundra focus more in a complex an dark story and difficult puzzles, Dark Savior focus more in combat and challenging platform levels