Dark Romance: Hunchback of Notre Dame Cheats For PC

  1. Achievements

    Finish a Hidden-Object Puzzle using only the alternate puzzle Another Way
    Learned about the Cardinal's interest in astronomy Astronomer
    Chained the golem Beast Tamer
    Repaired Crouse's boat Before the Wind
    Learned about the Cardinal's wives Bluebeard
    Finish a Hidden-Object Puzzle with no mistakes Bull's-Eye
    Fired the cannonball Cannon Gunner
    Finish five Hidden-Object Puzzles without any hints Chevalier
    Find 100 objects Cornucopia
    Assembled the Spellbook Court Magician
    Escaped the guard Elusive Shadow
    Finish five Hidden-Object Puzzles in a row in a minute each Faster than Wind
    Brought Frederic around Great Alchemist
    Learned about the Cardinal's dogs Hellhounds
    Finish a Hidden-Object Puzzle without any hints Hunter
    Gathered all the ingredients for Frollo In the Name of Love
    Solve 10 mini-games without skipping Iron Will
    Finish three Hidden-Object Puzzles without any hints Knight
    Solve five mini-games without skipping Librarian
    Finish three Hidden-Object Puzzles in a row in a minute each Lightning Speed
    Removed the curse from the windows Maestro
    Solve a mini-game in 30 seconds Magister
    Learned about the Cardinal's mirror Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
    Defeated the living roots Nature Tamer
    Learned about Agatha's misdeeds Palace Intrigues
    Learned about the new rose cultivar, Esmeralda Royal Rose
    Broke the mirror Spellbreaker
    Finish a Hidden-Object Puzzle in a minute Sprint
    Learned about the Cardinal's scepter The Only Option

    Contributed by: Hardkoroff