A thousand ways to kill an Orc. Exaggerated violent camp fun. Do not take it too seriously. Fun from beginning to end.

User Rating: 8.5 | Dark Messiah of Might and Magic PC
Bought for PC at a bargain price in 2012, installed patch, ran smoothly, enjoyed single player game from beginning to end. Excellent gritty combat with a thousand different ways to kill an Orc. The voice acting was 'tongue in cheek' and humorous. Do not take it too seriously. The whole experience is exaggerated violent camp fun, that is deliberately amplified and theatrical in style, typically for humorous effect. It is fast paced and keeps momentum throughout. It would have been good to have sections where you could trade in a shop and just soak up the atmosphere but you are propelled onwards in an action packed adventure. Great level design with an imaginative use of height and scale, effective colour palette and some nice details including good rock and water textures. Quite a refreshing contrast to the sprawling, exploratory openness of "Oblivion" ( although of course that is excellent in its own way ). At times it reminded me of "Thief Deadly Shadows" in its look and atmosphere although it relies far more on direct combat. "Dark Messiah" had a ROPE BOW which "Thief Deadly Shadows" sadly lacked. I do not know why so many professional critics seem to dislike "Dark Messiah"? I can only think that there was a lot of hype, high expectations and bugs at the time of release? Maybe experienced gamers did not find it enough of a challenge? I think it would appeal to the casual fun loving gamer comfortable with the first person viewpoint. Would have liked to try multi-player but apparently this is no longer available. However, just as a single player experience it is well worth trying.