Dark messiah is a game that had great potential but couldn't utilize it.

User Rating: 7 | Dark Messiah of Might and Magic PC

From a long time ago I had a wish to play this game. Previously bought this game & installed it one my pc. But that time it didn't ran on my pc after the first cut scene. Then few days ago I have tried again & this time it ran. Also completed it. My long time desire has been fullfield ;p.

This game is a mixture of fun & frustration. It provides both successfully.

Fun parts:

- The FPS aspect is good. Which is kinda different approch in that time.
- Graphics is mind blowing in sesne of that time. Using the effect of HDR in that time was rare.
- Great optimization. Ran on full detail withount any hiccup.
- Game is challenging.
- AI is very good.
- Excellent voice acting. Specifically the seductive voice of Xana who directed hero throught out the game.
- Game has different endings.
- Presence of RPG elements.
- Various types of melee weapons can be use like sword, dagger, bow, stick, spear etc.
- Several types of magic can also be used as - Fire, Ice, Set trap, Make enemy in your side, Fire ball etc.

Frustrating parts:

- If you want an RPG, you will be disappointed.
- Presentation of story is not good.
- No map, compos or anyting like this for direction. Quite hard to find a way where to go.
- Have to climb using rope, jump many times which is annoying. Jump option is very bad. Chances of falling is very high.
- Game crashed several times.
- Combat system is not so enjoyable.
- Character building and progression option is not satisfactory.
- Lack of characters.
- Some chapters are short, some chapters are quite long.
- Loading times are ridiculous.

Dark messiah is a game that had great potential but couldn't utilize it.

Overall my rating is 7 out of 10.