This is a Fantasy Adventure game,do not expect an Oblivion type RPG.

User Rating: 7.5 | Dark Messiah of Might and Magic: Elements X360
It gets old people saying a game sucks because it isn't like Oblivion, just because the screen shots look similar, doesn't mean that its an RPG like Oblivion. This is a first person adventure action game, kind of like Tomb Raider in a way, but with more RPG elements too it.
The best part of the game are really the areas you explore look really cool, they did a great job on that part of the game. The fighting is kind of fun, but nothing too in depth. You can throw stuff, kick them, and the usual hack and slash, magic, bow, depending on your class. On normal I never had much problem beating most enemies.
The bad part of the game is there are a few game ending bugs. I myself wasn't able to finish past Chapter 6 because some how my quest log got reset even though I had all the items, and I wasn't able to get the game to continue without loading a old save and going way back through a large area again. Maybe it was a hardware problem with my DVD drive failing to load at one point that caused it, I don't know, but since I just rented the game I had others I'd rather play at that point.

Overall this game is a solid rent, but wouldn't buy it myself. If you like fantasy world stuff with cool areas to explore then you should have some fun with this.
3.5 is way too low Gamespot, this game isn't even close to being that bad!!!