User Rating: 10 | Dark Messiah of Might and Magic PC
this game is brilliant, i love everything about it.
the mutliplayer is good,
ragdoll deaths,
perfect music,
brilliant graphics,
great story line,

so .... yeah... top notch game if you dont have it, i really think its worth a buy!!!

the best RPG game i have played!

the levels are allways designed to make you think and that is a great quality to have in a action game so its not just non stop fighting !

its great because unlike any other RPG game, in this you dont have to select a class (fighter, mage, theif) in Dark Messiah you play as all at once and you become better in some things than others, like creeping or archery.

the graphics are also top notch: the spell animations look very satisfying and the weapons - oh they just look incredible in your hands! The way the Daggers of Frost sizzle and crackle in your hands! The animations of an enemy fireball that erupts against your shield, leaving behind a heat blur! Even the enemy monsters, though there are only about a dozen types of them (a small downside), they are each animated in perfect detail.