User Rating: 8 | Dark Messiah of Might and Magic PC
hmmm...what could I say except....astouneshing graphics, great gameplay, nice game in conclusion.
I love the idea of the story, but they could have worked a little bit on the character's skill development, but still, u can choose from assasin, warrior, mage and archer, if u know how to combine and use the skill tree and skill points.
more than that, i really like the forge idea, where u can forge u're own weapons, that's if u find the metal needed to create weapons(unfortunately u can only forge swords, and that is a bit borring and repetitive), they could have used more smelting patterns but I don't dislike the idea.
overal great game, I recomend it to all the rpg-adventure lovers out there, and I also recomend that u have a strong pc so that u can play it with all the details maxed or u will lose some of the greates effects and graphics the game can offer.